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Thursday, April 28, 2011

SURDAS / Kanaka Dasa


Surdas (1478/1479 - 1581/1584 in Braj near Mathura-his birth and death is controversial.
Surdas was born blind and hence received harsh treatment from his family during his early childhood. One day at age 6, when he heard a group of devotional singers passing by his home, he simply followed them, and left home forever. [2]
At age eighteen, Surdas met his future guru, the sant Sri Vallabhacharya on the banks of river Yamuna. Vallabhacharya took him under his tutelage and thus began Surdas's teaching in prevalent Bhakti Shuddha advaita (Non-dualism philosophy), as Vallabhacharya was the founder of the Pushti sect (Pushtimarg) in India.
Soon Surdas memorized the entire Shrimad Bhagvat and started reciting it to throngs of people, and immersed himself into deep devotion to Krishna.[3] Subsequently he went on to write some of greatest works in Hindu philosophy and Bhakti literature, the "Sur Sagar" (Ocean of Melody), Sur Saravali and Sahitya Lahiri.
Surdas was a very prolific composer. He is best known for his "Sur Sagar" (Ocean of Melody). This magnum opus is said to originally contain 100,000 poems or songs; however, today only 8,000 have survived. These songs on the life and adventures of Krishna were dictated by him to an assistant, who had to write faster than the poet could dictate. Endowed with an inner vision, the poet dictates as if he is seeing the exploits of Krishna directly
Surdas was never married, and made a living by singing bhajans and giving discourses on religious subjects, and lived all these years in Braj. (Courtesy Wiki)

Surdas Bajans -MS Subbulakshmi

Jayachamawodiyar Compositions


Monday, April 25, 2011

Meenakshi Navaratnamala/venkatakavi navaavaranam /Swathi Thirunal Navarathri Krities/Meenakshi Navaratnamala/KAMALAMBA NAVAAVARANAM KRITHIS:

 Meenakshi Navaratnamala

You can reach other songs by Shri TN seshagopalan on Meenkshi navaratnamala at the following LINK:

meenakshi navaratnamala-001-t.n.seshagopalan-devi meena nethri-sankarabaranam--part i.mp3

meenakshi navaratnamala-002-t.n.seshagopalan-devi meena nethri-sankarabaranam-part ii.mp3

Meenakshi Navaratnamala-003-T.N.Seshagopaln-Mrivare gathi-Annanda Bairvi.mp3

meenakshi navaratnamala-004-t.n.seshagopalan-sarojadalanethri-sankarabaranam-syshma sastr-part i.mp3

meenakshi navaratnamala-005-t.n.seshagopalan-sarojadalanethri-sankarabaranam-syshma sastr-part ii.mp3

Meenakshi Navaratnamala-006-T.N .Seshagopalan-Devi Nee Padha-Kambhoji-Meenakshi Navarathnamalika.mp3

Meenakshi Navaratnamala-007-T.N Seshagopalan-Nannu Brova-Lalitha-Part i-Meeenakshi Navarathnamalika.mp3

meenakshi navaratnamala-008-t.n seshagopalan-nannu brova-lalitha-part ii-meeenakshi navarathnamalika.mp3

meenakshi navaratnamala-009-t.n seshagopalan-nannu brova-lalitha-part iii-meeenakshi navarathnamalika 1.mp3

Meenakshi Navaratnamala-010-Madurai Shri TN Seshagopalan-Ambavani Keeravani.mp3

meenakshi navaratnamala-011-madurai shri tn seshagopalan-thalli ninu-kalyani-part i of3.mp3

meenakshi navaratnamala-012-madurai shri tn seshagopalan-thalli ninu-partii of 3-kalyani.mp3

meenakshi navaratnamala-013-madurai shri tn seshagopalan-thalli ninu-part iii of 3-kalyani.mp3

Nava aVaranam Venkata Kavi

Nava aVaranam Venkata Kavi-004-IV avarthanam---Gayathri Girish-Yoga yogeshwari - Anandabhairavi - Khanda Triputa - 4th Avaranam - Navavaranams of Oothukkadu Venkata Kavi.mp3

Nava aVaranam Venkata Kavi-005-V avarthanam- Lata Ganapathy, Savita Narasimhan-Neela Lohita Ramani - Balahamsa.mp3

Nava aVaranam Venkata Kavi-006-VI avarthanam-Sadanandamayi-Anahita Ravindran, Bhargavi Balasubramanian, Lata Ganapathy.mp3

Nava aVaranam Venkata Kavi-007-VII Avarthanam--Gayathri Girish-Sakalaloka naayike - Arabhi - Adi - 7th Avaranam - Navavaranams of Oothukkadu Venkata Kavi.mp3

Nava aVaranam Venkata Kavi-008-VIII Avarthanam-Shankari - Madhyamavati-Lata Ganapathy, Savita Narasimhan, Salem Gayathri.mp3

Nava aVaranam Venkata Kavi-009-IX Avarthanam-Natajanakalpavalli - Punnagavarali -Anahita Ravindran, Bhargavi Balasubramanian, Lata Ganapathy.mp3

Nava aVaranam Venkata Kavi-009--Gayathri Girish-Natajana kalpavalli - Punnagavarali - Adi - 9th Avaranam - Navavaranams of Oothukkadu Venkata Kavi.mp3

Nava aVaranam Venkata Kavi-010- Phala stuti-Gayathri Girish-Haladharaanujam - Manirangu - Adi - Phala stuti - Navavaranams of Oothukkadu Venkata Kavi.mp3

Kamalamba Nava Varanam-Dikshadar:

Neyveli Santhanam - nATTai - trailOkya mOhana chakrAmbikE

Dikshadar was a Devi Upasakar.
His composition of Kamalamba Navavaranam cover the
1) thirulokiya mohana Chakram
2) sarvasaa paripuraga Chakram
3) savasumshobana Chakram
4) Sarva sowbagya thayaga chakram
5) Sarvartha sathaka Chakram
6) Sarvaratshagara Chakram
7) Sarvarogahara Chakram
8) Sarva Siddhipradha Chakram
9) Sarvanandamaya Chakram
As such, One will be to get Sakala ( all) sowbagyam by learning to sing the songs as each of the kirthana
is sanctified by a relevent manthra.
He describes the Devi of Thiruvrur as the ruling deity of Sarvasa purva Chakra.

Kamalamba nava varanam-01-kamalambike-thodi-dkj.mp3

Kamalamba nava varanam-02-kamalambam-samrakshatu-anandabhairavi-dkj.mp3

Kamalamba nava varanam-03-kamalambam-bhajare-kalyani-dkj.mp3

Kamalamba nava varanam-04-kamalambikaya-shankarabharanam-dkj.mp3

Kamalamba nava varanam-05-kamalambikayai-kambodhi-dkj.mp3

Kamalamba nava varanam-06-srikamalambikayahparam-bhairavi-dkj.mp3

Kamalamba nava varanam-07-srikamalambikayastava-punnagavarali-dkj.mp3

Kamalamba nava varanam-08-srikamalambikayam-sahana-dkj.mp3

Kamalamba nava varanam-09-srikamalambikeavava-ghanta-dkj.mp3

Kamalamba nava varanam-10-srikamalambajayati-ahiri-dkj.mp3

Kamalamba nava varanam-11-srikamalambike-sriragam-dkj-mangala kriti.mp3

Thyagaraja Ashtakam...

001-tyagarajo virajate-atana, rupakam-madurai shri tn seshagopalan-.mp3

002-tyagarajam bhajare -yadukula kamboji, misra chapu-mdramanathan.mp3

003-tyagarajena samraksitoham -salagabhairavi-adi -S.R.Janakiraman.mp3

004-tyagarajaya namaste begada- rupakam -sanjay subramanyam.mp3

005-tyagarajad anyam -darbar-adi -neela-ramagopal.mp3

006-sri tyagarajasya bhakto -rudrapriya-mishra chapu -neela-ramagopal.mp3

007-tyagaraje kritya krityam -saranga-jhampa-TMKrishna.mp3

008-viravasanta tyagaraja -viravasantam-adi-  TMThyagarajan.mp3

Madurambika Vibhukthi...

01-Shri MadhurapuriNilaye-Bilahari-Rupaka.mp3





Swathi Thirunal Navarathri Krities.....

p-SWATHI 035- Navarathri krities-Barathi Mamava-Thodi -DK Jayaraman.mp3

p-SWATHI 036- Navarathri krities-Devi Jagat Janani-TVM RS Mani.mp3

p-SWATHI 037- Navarathri krities-Devi Pavane in Saveri-B Rajam Iyer.mp3

p-SWATHI 038 Navarathri krities-Janani Mamava-V subramaniam.mp3

p-SWATHI 039- Navarathri krities-Janani Pahi-Shudhdha Saveri -Semmangudi Srinivasa iyer.mp3

p-SWATHI 040- Navarathri krities-Pahi Janani,Nattaikurinji -KVN.mp3

p-SWATHI 041- Navarathri krities-Pahi Parvatha Nandini-Arabhi-Madurai G.S.mp3

p-SWATHI 042- Navarathri krities-Saroruhasana Jaaye Kamavardhini - KVN.mp3

p-SWATHI 043- Navarathri krities-Sri Vageswari-Kalyani -Tirissur V Ramachandran.mp3


Narayana Teertha composed Sri Krishna Leela Tarangini dealing on life of the Lord Krishna. Dealing with Krishna from his birth, childhood pranks and ending with his marriage to Rukmini. Narayan Theertha uses various literary and musical forms such as songs, prose passages, Slokas (praises in verse), Dwipadis (couplets), etc. The songs are popularly called "Tarangas" means waves. The lyrics are simple yet beautiful and effective. The Astapadis of Jayadeva are said to be the inspiration.
Legend has it that the inspiration to compose this piece occurred when he was along the banks of Nadu cauvery. He was suffering from a serious stomach ailment and prayed that he should be given the strength to go back to Tirupati, where it all started. A divine voice asked him to follow a boar (varaha) to wherever it led him. The varaha led him to Bhupatirajapuram, which came to be known as `Varahur' later. The people of the village knew that a maha-purusha was coming. With their help, he raised the temple for Sri Lakshmi Narayana and Lord Venkateswara and settled down on the banks of river `Kudamurutty' the name by which the Cauvery was known at this place.[2]
Tarangini is highly suitable for dance drama and it has been very well utilized by I classical dancers over the last two centuries. Tarangini consists of 12 Tarangams and encapsulates 153 songs, 302 slokams and 31 choornikaas. Teertha followed Veda VyAsa’s Bhagavatam and concentrated on the 10th skandam.
Some of the popular compositions are listed here:
1. jaya jaya swAmi
2. jaya jaya ramA nAtha
3. Saranam bhava
4. nArAyanAya
5. mangaLAlaya
6. jaya jaya durgE
7. mAdhava mAdhava
8. Ehi mudam dEhi
9. Ehi mudam mama
10. kriShnam kalaya
11. kalaya yaSOdE
12. dAmOdara tAvaka
13. gOvinda ghaTaya
14. AlOkayE
15. paSyata paSyata
16. jaya jaya gOkula
17. dEva dEva praseeda
18. neela mEgha sareera
19. pAhi pAhi jagan
20. dEva kuru Siksham
21. Sree gOpAlaka
22. AyAhi vraja 1. gOvardhana
23. nanda nandana
24. parama purusha
25. poraya mama kAmam
26. vada kim karavANi
27. mAdhava mAmava
28. gOvinda miha
29. nanda nandana
30. kathaya kathaya
31. bhAvayE
32. vijaya gOpAla
33. pAhi pAhi mAm
34. vEdAdri
35. veekshE kadA
36. rE rE mAnasa
37. gOpAla mEva
38. kaLyAnam bhavatu
39. jaya jaya bAla gOpAla
40. AlOkayE
41. rukmiNi kaLyAnam
42. jaya mangaLam
43. kshEmam kuru gOpAla

Listen to some below:

nt 001- govardhana girithara-yesudas.mp3

nt 002- govindha kadaya-yesudas.mp3

nt 002-krishnam kalaya-unni krishnan-.mp3

nt 003-pahi pahi jaganmohana-nitya shree mahadevan.mp3

nt 005-mrugyada raadha-bombay jayashree.mp3

nt 006- jeya jeya ramanatha-yesudas.mp3

nt 007-ramanama -priya sisters.mp3

nt 008- pahi pahi jagam-yesudas.mp3

nt 009--aavaranam-yesudas.mp3

nt 010-nanda nandana-priya sisters.mp3

nt 011-vrindavana-yesudas.mp3

nt 013--pahi-yesudas.mp3

nt 014-rama-yesudas.mp3

nt 015-sreeradhi-yesudas.mp3

nt 016-govardhana giri-sanjay.mp3

nt 017-maadhavame-bombay jayashre.mp3

nt 018-vasudeva-yesudas.mp3

nt 019-madhava maamava-bombay jayashre.mp3

nt 020-jeya jeya gokulabala-yesudas.mp3

nt 021- yehi mudam-yesudas.mp3

nt 022-pahi pahi-bombay jayashree.mp3

nt 023-parama purusham -p.unnikrishnan.mp3

nt 024-jaya jaya swamin-yesudas.mp3

nt 025-hari-yesudas.mp3

NT 026-Deva Devam-Malladi.mp3

nt 027-himagiri thanaya-yesudas.mp3

NT 028-Ehimudam-Malladi.mp3

nt 029- kamaladhare-yesudas.mp3

nt 030- pavaiye-yesudas.mp3

nt 030- pavaiye-yesudas.mp3

nt 033-parama purusha -malladi.mp3

nt 034-pooraya mama kamam-malladi.mp3

nt 035-vadana dyuthi-priya sisters.mp3

nt 036-shamam kodu gopala-vittal das.mp3

nt 037-jaya jaya swamin vittal das.mp3

nt 038-kalyana_gopalam-sindubhairavi-neela ramgopal.mp3

nt 039-govindamihagopikanandakandam-bageshri-taranga.mp3

nt 040--bushni kalyanaraman-charanam_bhava-hamsavinodhini-narayanatheerthar_tharangam.mp3

nt 041--bombay sisters-ragamalika-narayanathirthar_tharangam.mp3

nt 042-bombay sisters-alokaye_rukmini-kambhoji-narayana_thirthar.mp3

nt 043- somu-.lambhodhara-oormika-adhi-narayana-theerthar.mp3

nt 044- madhava_mamava_dheva_krishna-nilambari-adhi-narayana_thirtha.mp3

nt 045- dkj-jaya_jaya-nattai-adhi-narayana_theerthar.mp3

nt 047-tkg-govindamiga-bhagesri-narayantheerthar_tharangam.mp3

nt 048-mss-govindamihagopikanandakandam-bageshri-taranga.mp3

NT 049-Govindamitha-Malladi.mp3

nt 050-shri gopalaka meva daivatam-madhyamavati-malladi brothers.mp3