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Monday, May 4, 2015

Compositions of Irayimman Thampi-Malayalam

Irayiman Thambi:

omanatti˙nkal. kittavo nalla komala” was a household tarattu Pattu  hummed by mothers in Kerala for generations..
He was born at Trivandram in the year 1782 AD. His father was Kerala varma tampan and mother  Parvati pilla tankachi.
His aptitude towards music and poetry was very deep and, the royal patronage
was an appropriate setting where he could develop his various talents. He did not have any formal
guru” for music, and his abilities were mostly self-cultivated. At the age of fourteen, he wrote a poem
and dedicated it to the Maharaja  kartika tirunal.. The king was immensely pleased, and rewarded him

Tampi has already become an important personality in the court, long before  Maharaja Swathi Thirunal  was born. He continued to enjoy this enviable position even after Swathi Thirunal  demise.

It seems he had composed around 500 songs of which only a few around 50 have survived…..

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