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Nava Grahas

Surya gayatri (Sun)-Ruling Deity-Suryanarayana Swamy
om aswadhwajaaya vidmahae
paasa hastaaya dheemahi
tanno surya: prachodayaat

Chandra gayatri (Moon)-Ruling Deity-Venkata Ramanar
om padmadhwajaaya vidmahae
hema rupaaya dheemahi
tanno soma: prachodayaat

Angaaraka gayatri (chevvaai) (Mars)- Ruling Deity-Palani Andavar

om veeradhwajaaya vidmahae
vighna hastaaya dheemahi
tanno bhouma: prachodayaat

Budha gayatri (Mercury)- Ruling Deity-Chokanathar
om gajadhwajaaya vidmahae
sukha hastaaya dheemahi
tanno budha: prachodayaat

Guru gayatri (Jupiter)- Ruling Deity-Thiruchendur Murugan
om vrishabadhwajaaya vidmahae
kruni hastaaya dheemahi
tanno guru: prachodayaat

Shukra gayatri (Venus)- Ruling Deity-Sri Ranganathar
om aswadhwajaaya vidmahae
dhanur hastaaya dheemahi
tanno shukra: prachodayaat

Sanishwara gayatri (Saturn)- Ruling Deity -Saneeswaran
om kaakadhwajaaya vidmahae
khadga hastaaya dheemahi
tanno mandah: prachodayaat

Raahu gayatri (Shadow Planet -Snakes Head)- Ruling Deity-Kalahasthi eswarar
om naakadhwajaaya vidmahae
padma hastaaya dheemahi
tanno raahu: prachodayaat

Kethu gayatri (Shadow Planet - Snakes Tail)- Ruling Deity-Kalahasthi eswarar
om aswadhwajaaya vidmahae
soola hastaaya dheemahi
tanno ketu: prachodayaat

Navagraha Sostram

One of the the normal terms used in Astrology is House.

The houses are twelve.Starting from : Mesha, Rishaba, Miduna, Kataka, Simha, Kanya, Thula, Virchaka, Danus. Mahara, Kumbha and Meena.

However, for purposes of prediction this sequence is not followed. We count the houses
from Lagna which is casted based on the time ,place and date at which an individual is born.

The first house is Lagna.

This house signifies life, longevity, self, health, nature and appearance of native. Complexion,vitality, sorrows, gains and profits to younger brothers and his friends. It governs head and face.

Second House is the one next to lagna – (Dhana Sthan)
This house indicates inflow of finances, wealth, right eye, family, early age, speech, sanyas, servants and friends. worldly possessions, grandfather and mother. It also indicative of family, understanding with family members, inheritance, law suits, throat, right eye and domestic comforts in general.

Third House
It denotes younger brothers and sisters and their relations. It signifies courage, intelligence, education , taste for writing, journeys. Arms, right ear, shoulders etc.

Fourth House
This house signifies mother, property, conveyance, domestic surroundings and happiness. Old age environments, private affairs, public, inheritance, false allegations, agriculture land and its produce. It represents breasts, chest, lung, stomach, elbow joints etc.

Fifth House
This house indicates the good deeds during earlier births,
Children, speculation, intellectual status and luck are gauged from this house. Pleasure, love affairs, lady love, legal or illegal amusements, kidnap, rape, etc. are also checked. Belly, heart, liver, spleen are the body parts covered by this house.

Sixth House
This house is responsible for enemies, health, service, servants, uncle, aunts and relations on father's side. Food, subordinates, debts, obstacles in life, mental worries, theft and calamity etc. The body parts denoted are kidney,large intestine, uterus and anus.

Seventh House - Bharya-sthan, Maraka-sthan
Matters regarding wife,husband, partnership, external sex organs, conjugal happiness are checked from 7th house. This house also denotes marriage, married life, love contracts, litigations, divorce, honour and reputation in foreign country. Body parts are private parts, uterus, glands etc.

Eighth House - Mrutyu-sthan
Diseases, death, finances through unfair means, internal sex organs, longevity, mental pain obstacles, dowry of wife, gain from in laws, mode of death, imprisonment, worries and privations are checked from 8th house, It indicates body parts as scrotum, pelvis, seminal vesicles, external genitalia, etc.

Ninth House - Bhagya-sthan
This house indicates religion, foreign travel, publicity, preceptor, higher education, learning, writing books, also faith, wisdom, prosperity, powers of foresight, religious institutions, providential help, etc. Hips, thighs are body parts.

Tenth House - Karma-sthan, Pitru-sthan
This important house indicates father, profession, status in life, activities outside house, pleasures, honour, power and authority, Government favour, trade,business, command, occupation, adopted son. All questions regarding worldly activities and moral responsibilities. Body parts are knees, joints, bones, hairs and back.

Eleventh House - Labha-sthan
It accounts for accumulated wealth, elder brothers and sisters and relations with them. Friends, fluctuating money gains, club or social activities, emotional attachments, love affairs and friends, honour, social success etc. Body parts are legs, left ear, teeth, ankle etc.

Twelfth House - Vyaya-sthan
It signifies private enemies, pleasures of beds, law suits, imprisonments, secret works, moksha, hospitalisation, conjugal relations with opposite sex other than legitimate. Sorrows, debts, lost goods etc. are judged. Body parts are feet, left eye, teeth etc.

Next to houses we now see about planets.
As everybody is aware, there are seven planets (grahas) matching to the days of the week
Commencing from sun to Saturn.In addition we have Ragu and Ketu which are recognized as chaaya grahas or shadow planets The planets owns houses among the twelve houses.
Sun (surian) Simha
Moon (Chandran) kataka
Mars (Sevvai) Mesha and Virchaka
Mercury (Budha) Midhuna and Kanya
Jupiter (Guru) Danus and Meena
Venus (Sukkra) Rishaba and Thula
Saturn (Sani) Mahara and Kumbha
Ragu and kethu have no houses of their own We can see about these two planets

In addition to ownership the planets gets exaltation and depletion
In certain houses.
Sun - Exaltation- Mesha -Depletion in Thula
Moon - Exaltation Rishabha -Depletion in Virchaka
Mars - Exaltation-Mahara -Depletion in Kataka
Mercury --Exaltation-Kanya-Depletion-Meena
Venus-Exaltation-Meena-Depletion- Kanya

The Planets get their strength when they are in or traverse through
their exalted houses and to a lesser extent in their own houses.
They have no strength in their depleted houses.

While on the subject ,we have to understand a few things.
1) Their position or placement at the time of birth as indicated in the Horoscope
Viz. rasi chart cannot be changed. This is independent of their owner ship of the house.
For example, Mars owns two houses-Mesha and Virchika. His placement indicated in the horoscope may be different as at the time of birth as mars could have occupied say, kanya or some other house.

2) Their movement as of now- as planets move along their path continuously.

So each planet has (a) A ownership (b) its position at the time of birth and (c) its present movement.

Each planet has its’ basic nature and features of its own.

Planetary Characters-Significations
The sun represents the soul or self, the moon represents the mind and human emotions. The strength is ruled by Mars while the speech is controlled by Mercury. Intellect is the portfolio of Jupiter and comforts are provided by Venus. The planet which has control over grief is Saturn. The shadow planets are stated to cause ego.

In the birth chart if the planet is strong ,the above signification will be strong. The effect will be meager if they are weak In the case of Saturn ,the reverse is considered true.

Planets have their color, the portfolios and its use, directions, the control of various human parts, deities, sex and also caste and taste.

Sun- sharp mind’ prominent appearance magnetic voice courage etc.,

Moon- auspicious appearance, fair complexion, youthful disposition, fickle minded nature, fortunate and learned etc.,

Mars-Short with strong body, reddish brown eyes , unsteady disposition, intelligent and courageous, wrath full, skillful in hurting etc.,

Mercury-Broad reddish eyes, speaking sweetly and clearly, strong skin, moderate disposition, skillful, cover people with dress and speech

Jupiter-learned, well versed in Vedas, firm but sattvik, virtuous and modest, forgiving disposition, prominent chest.

Venus-Beautiful, long hands, broad chest and face, splenderous, sensuous, fortunate, sportive, intelligent etc.,

Saturn-Red depressed eyes, prominent veins, black bodied, windy in temperament,
muscular, unkind, foolish, impure and dirty disposition, short tempered etc.,
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There is relationship between planets.
Friend ship between them:
Sun- Friends are Jupiter, Mars and moon
Moon-Sun and Mercury
Mars-Sun, Moon and Jupiter
Mercury-Venus and Sun
Jupiter-Sun Moon and Mars
Venus-Saturn and Mercury
Saturn-Mercury and Venus

Enmity between Planets:
Sun-Venus and Saturn
Moon-Has no enemies
Mercury –Moon
Jupiter-Venus and Mercury
Venus-Moon and Sun
Saturn-Sun Moon and Mars
By nature , Certain planets are Benefic while certain others are Malafic:

The strength of the planets:

There are directional, positional, temporal and motional strength for each planet.
In addition, they have Ayana bala, Drekkana bala, Tribhaga bala and Naisargika bala.
These are required only by professional Astrologers and we can skip it.

The planets aspects certain houses from where they are positioned.
All planets aspect the seventh house .
Jupiter aspects 5th and 9th house in addition.
Mars aspects 4th and 8th house in addition.
Saturn aspects 3rd and 10th house in addition.
The houses and the planets therein which gets the aspect of the aspecting planets
Gets additional power there from-good or bad depending on the benefic or malefic
character of the aspecting planet.

The planets traverse in their path in a clock wise direction.
We know that the space around the earth constitutes 360 degrees.
Accordingly, each house has 30degrees
The time taken by each planet to traverse through the 360 degrees has been calculated.
For major planets , it is roughly:
:Jupiter-one year
Saturn- Two and half years
Ragu and ketu-one and half years
Division of rasis:

They are divided in to odd rasis and even rasis.
Mesha , Midhuna, Simha, Thula, and Danus are-Odd rasis
Rishabha, Kataka, Kanya, Virchaka, Mahara and Meena are even rasis
Mesha, Kataka, Thulam and Mahara are called Sara Rasi
Rishabham, Simham, Virchakam and Kumbham are called Sthira rasi.
Midhunam, Kanya, Dhanus and Meenam are called Ubhaya Rasi
We have seen generally, about Benific and malefic planets which are supposed to give good and bad results as to their character.
Now, the lords of 5th and 9th houses, whether they are benefic or melafic planets, they
will give good results only.
The lords of 3, 6, and11, whether they are benific or malefic will give bad results only.
Accordingly for those born with:
Mesha-Sun and Jupiter are benifics. Mercury and Saturn are melafics.
Rishbha-Mercury and Saturn are benifics. Moon, Venus and Jupiter are melafics
Midhuna-Venus and Saturn are benifics. Sun and Mars are melafics.
Kataka-Mars and Jupiter are benifics. Mercury and Venus are melafics.
Simha-Jupiter and Mars are benifics. Venus and Saturn and mercury are melafics.
Kanya-Saturn and Venus are benifics. Mars and moon are melafics.
Thula-Saturn and Mercury are benefics. Jupiter and sun are melafics.
Virchika-Jupiter and Moon are benefics. Saturn, Mars and Mercury are melafics.
Dhanus-Mars and Sun are benifics. Saturn and Venus are melafics.
Mahara-Venus and Mercury are benifics. Jupiter and Mars are melafics.
Kumbha-Mercury and Venus are benifics. Mars and moon and Jupiter are melafics.
Meena-Moon and Mars are benifics. Venus, sun and Saturn are melafics.

In addition to above, there are further ways to determine whether a planet will provide good or bad results.
1. For Sara rasi, the planet ruling the 11th house and the planets residing there in are melafics.
2. For Stira rasi, the planets ruling the 9th house and residing there in are melafics.
3. For Ubaiya rasi ,the planet ruling the 7th house and those residing therein are melafics

On the basis of above:
Mesha rasi-Saturn and the planets residing inKumbha rasi are melafics
Rishabha rasi- Saturn and those residing in Mahara rasi are melafics
Midhuna rasi-Jupitor and those residing at Dhanur rasi are melafics.
Kataka rasi- Venus and those residing at Rishaba rasi are melafics
Simha rasi- Mars and those residing at Mesha are melafics.
Kanya rasi- Jupiter and those residing at Meena rasi are melafics
Thula rasi- Sun and those residing at Simha rasi are melafics.
Vichaka rasi-Moon and those residing at Kataka rasi are melafics.
Danur rasi-Sun and those residing at Simha rasi are melafics.
Mahara rasi-Mars and those residing at Virchika rasi are melafics.
Khumba rasi-Venus and those residing at Thula rasi are melafics.
Meena rasi- Mercury and those residing at Kanya rasi are melafics.
In addition,
If, Jupiter, Venus, Waxing Moon, and Mercury who is not in association with a melafic
are lords of a Kendra house, they will not yield good results.

They are afflicted with Kendrathipathya Dhosha.But there is a school of thinking that this
dosha will operate only if the plant is in a Kendra house.
If waning Moon, Sun, Mars and Mercury in association with a melafic and Saturn are
Lords of a Kendra house they will yield good results.
Lord of 8th house –Ashatamathipathi-may not yield good results. But if the same planet
owns both Lagna and 8th house , he may not give bad results.
Mars owns both Lagna and 8th house for Mesha.
Venus owns both lagna and 8th house for Thula.
Mars and Venus may not be bad for Mesha and Thula respectively.
The lords of second and 12th houses , if they combine with benific planets
Or if they occupy a benefic place, they will also become benifics
So far as Ragu and Kethu are concerned, they acquire the lordship of the house
which they occupy and in the process they acquire more powers than the owner of the house.
If there are more than one occupant of the house in the house in which they reside, they acquire the power of the strongest among them and give the results of the planet.

The Planets gets more strength at the Moolatrikona house than that they get in their own house.
Sun ---Moolatrikona house-Simham
Ragu/kethu-No houses
The 27 Nakshatras (stars) occupy the 12 rasis or 360 degrees.-each of them has 4 padas
Each rasi has 9 Nakshatra padas

Mesha rasi- Aswani,Barani and Krithika-first padam
Rishaba rasi- Krithika-2,3, and 4th padam,Rohini and Mirugaseerisham 1 and 2 Padam
Miduna rasi- Mirugaseerisham-3rd and 4th padas ,Thiruvathrai, Punar poosam-1st ,2nd and 3rd Padas
Kataka Rasi- Punarpoosam-1st , Poosam,Ayilyam
Simha rasi-Maham Pooram,Uthiram-1st Padam
Kanyarasi-Uthiram 1st ,2nd , 3rd , Hastham, Chithirai 1st , and 2nd
Thularasi-Chithirai-3rd ,and 4th ,Swathi,Visagam-1st ,2nd , and 3rd
Virchiga rasi-Visagam 4th , Anusham and Kettai
Danur rasi-Moolam , Pooradam, Utiradam 1st padam
Mahara rasi-Uthiradam 2nd,3rd,and 4th,Thiruvonam, Avittam 1st and 2nd
Kumbha rasi-Avittam 3rdand 4th ,Sathayam,Poorattathi 1st ,2nd , 3rd ,
Meena rasi-Poorattathi 4th ,uthrattathi and Revathi .
The life span of 120 years is Divided by the planets as under:
Sun -6 years First dasa for those born with Krithgai /Uthiram /Uthrattathi

Moon -10 years First dasa for Rohini,Hastam andThiruonam
Mars- 7 years First dasa for Mirugaseerisham,Chithirai,Avittam
Ragu-18 years First dasa for Thiruvathrai, Swathi, Sathayam
Jupiter-16 years First dasa for punar poosam, Visagam, Pooratathi
Saturn-19 years First dasa for Poosam, Anusham, Uthrattathi
Budha dasa-!7 years First dasa for Ayilyam, Kettai, Revathi
Kethu-7 years First dasa for Aswani, Maham, Moolam
Venus- 20 years. First dasa for Barani, Pooram, Pooradam
The dasa have sub division called Bukthi which is further divided as Antharam
The details of the above are available in the Panchangam.

We have seen above the basics of houses, planets, their strengths,
how they acquire them, the Dasas and their sub periods etc.,
Now we see the yogas and the planetary position therefore.
Please note the following important points about Yoga prediction:

(1) If planets causing Yoga are in exaltation or highly benefic, Yoga gives very good results However, if planets causing Yoga are malefic, the result may get nullified or negated. Or give reduced results.

(2) Yoga results should not be taken in isolation, it should be taken in its totality. A particular Yoga may give indication about the yoga; But, other factors should also be considered with the Yoga result.

3) The Planets can give results only if they are not associated with melafic planets or planets owning evil houses of 3,6,8,12

4) The results can be expected only during their Dasa/Bukthi.


I) Jupiter is in a Kendra viz 1,4,7,10 from Moon, the
Yoga is called Gaja Keshri Yoga.
Yoga Result:
The person born with this will be splendorous, wealthy,
intelligent, Virtues. and be a favourite of the

2) Sunapha Yoga

Yoga Definition:

If there are planets (other than Sun) in the second house from the Moon, Sunapha yoga is formed.

Yoga Result:
The person born with Sunapha Yoga be a Royal, be intelligent, wealthy and famous and will have self earned money.

3) Vesi Yoga

Yoga Definitjon:
If there is any planet (exceptmoon) in the second house from the Sun, this Yoga is formed.:

Yoga Result:

Native born with this Yoga will be fortunate and happy. She/he
will be truthful, famous and aristocratic.

4) Vasi Yoga:

Yoga Definition:

If there is any planet (except Moon) in the twlefth house from
Sun, this , thisYoga is formed.

Yögã result .

Native born in this Yoga will be skilful and charitable. She will be endowed with fame and strong.

5) Obhayachari Yoga:

Yoga Definition:

If there is any planet (except Moon) in the second and twlefth house (viz:both sides) from the Sun, this yoga is formed.

Yoga Result:

The native born in this Yoga will be a Royal

6) Beheri Yoga

Yoga Definition:

If the Venus (as Lord of Lagna) and Jupiter are in mutual kendra, this Yoga is formed.
Yoga Result:

The native born in this Yoga will live long and lead healthy life. He/She will have happiness from Wife/ husband and children. She will be a ruler and religious person.

7) In accordance with Bhavartha Rathnagara,

Relationship between lords of 2, 5, 9, and 11th houses gives wealth.

(The relation ship ( Sambhandha) between planets can happen in all or any one of the positions as detailed below:
1) Occupying mutual houses-even if one planet occupy the other’s sign , it is enough.
2) Co-join in the same sign
3) Aspecting each other-Aspecting one of the planets is enough.
4) Occupy mutual Kendra houses
5) Occupy trine houses)

8) If the lord (Ruler) of 8th house occupies, it is called Sarala Yoga or Vibhareetha Raja yoga.
Gives long life,fearless nature, learned,and terror to enemies.

9) If the ruler of 6th house occupies a dur stana viz., 8/12 house,Harsha yoga is formed.

Results include fortune happiness, wealth and fame.

10) Ruler of 12th house occupies a Dur stana, Vimala yoga is formed.
It produces frugality, character, and independent nature.

11) Brihat Jataka of Varahamitra (Sl.,no 13/Chapter xi) says that if 3 or more planets occupy their Exaltation houses or their own signs and are at the same time forms trines to each other , the person
will be a king ( or Equivalent Position).

12) Sloka 3 of Brihat Jataka says that when the lagna or moon occupies a Vargottama
and is aspected by 4 or more planets, a powerful rajayoga is formed.

13) Jataka Parijata sayes that Combination of moon and Venus in any house makes the

person proficient in garment making.

14) Vasumathi yoga-Lagna or from moon : if Jupiter, Mercury, venus is placed

In 3, 6, 10, 11 , this yoga is formed.

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Pancha Maha PurushaYogam: ( from Saravali)
Even though there are hundreds of yogas, the following five yogas are considered

.Malavya Yoga: This is formed when Venus is in his own house and is in a Kendra house.
One born in Malavya Yoga will have thin (not fleshy) lips, even physique, gray complexion, thin waist, splendour equal to that of the moon, majestic voice akin to that of a tusker, pleasant odor of the body, piercing sight, even and white teeth, hands extending to the knees and a longevity of seventy years.

RUCHAKA YOGA. When Mars is in exhaltation or occupies his own house and is in a Kendra house.
The native of Ruchaka Yoga will have a long face, pure splendour, great strength, valour, attractive eye brows, very black hair, penchant for war, knowledge of Mantras, be a leader of thieves, will have blood-red complexion, be very valorous, be a conqueror of enemies, will have a neck akin to conch, be chief, cruel, will honour Gods and Brahmins, thin shanks, will have marks of a staff (actually means a staff with a skull at the top deemed to be Shiva's weapon and carried by ascetics), cord, bull, arrow, diamond, lute etc. on the hands and legs and tall.
This yoga provides leadership qualities and interest in physical activity such as sports.

SAASA YOGA. When Saturn is in exaltation or occupies his own house and is in a Kendra house.
One born in Sasa Yoga will have small teeth small face, fast pace, be crafty, very valorous, interested in forests, hills and forts, will have weak loins and long body, be famous, be an Army chief, skillful in all assignments, will have somewhat protruding teeth, be a metallurgist, be fickle minded, will have eyes resembling the lotus, be interested in the fair sex, will enjoy other's wealth, be devoted to his mother, weak waist, be very intelligent and will fault others. His life span will be 70years.

HAMSA YOGA. When Jupiter is exalted or in his own house and is in a Kendra house.
One born in Hamsa Yoga will have a reddish face, elevated nose, beautiful feet, great virile power (indriya is here interpreted, as virile power coming under Jupiter), be whitish in complexion, will have broad cheeks, reddish nails, (mellifluous) voice, like that of the swan, be phlegmatic, will possess palms and soles with marks of trident, fish, arrow etc., honey-coloured and round eyes, be fond of sporting in water, will be delighted in sexually uniting with females heavy gait and have a life span of 100 years.

BHADRA YOGA. If Mercury is exalted or in his own house and is in a Kendra house, this yoga is formed.
One born with the Bhadra Yoga will have a face, akin to that of a tiger, will imitate the elephant in gait, will have broad chest, long and strong hands and square body, will be sensuous, will have soft hair over cheeks, be learned, will possess hands and legs akin to lotus, be endowed with prowess and will be conversant with Yoga.. He will know the meanings of Shastras, be valorous, will have well-knitted eye brows, will walk, like an elephant, will have genital organs in ‘concealed position' (like that of a horse, or a tusker) and a beautiful belly, be righteous, will have attractive fore face, be valorous, firm in prowess, will have black and short hair, be independent in all his undertakings, will not forgive (even) his own men, will allow his friends to enjoy his wealth, heavy weightand have a life span of 80 years.

There are other important yogs also.
Chandra Manga yoga.: ( Sasi Mangala yoga)
Conjuction / Combination of Moon and Mars. Causes this yoga.
It is supposed to help in earnings through medicines liquors, Pestitudes- in short of all chemicals.Doctors,Pharmacists Medical representatives can have this yoga.
Persons associated with films dance and social institutions are also come under this category. If this yoga is associated with Jupiter high morality is ensured. If associated with melafics or in melafic houses, it is supossed to make the native pervert in his nature and can make him to deal with prohibited acts.
When this yoga occurs in movable or duel signes, the native will be on the move as moon is extremely mobile which will be energized by mars. ( houses in sara rasi are movable signs)

Pachanana Yoga. (Pasha Yoga)
:When all the nine planets occupy ,five houses,no matter how they are placed or combined, this yoga is formed. The native is wealthy or will become wealthy and can be trusted If there are other yogas in the horoscope , this yoga will work manifold ways. Will be honest and just in acquisition of wealth.
Dana maliga yoga: If seven planets occupy continuously the houses from second house onwards, this yoga is formed. This yoga produces wealth.

Bhaskara yoga:
Ih Jupiter is placed in seventh house or Mars in sixth house or Saturn in eleventh house or sun occupies the third house or if Raga is placed in fourth house, this yoga is formed.This yoga will nullify all graha dhoshas.
To be continued:
Sakata yoga:
If moon occupies 6th , 8th ,or 12th house Jupiter, this yoga is produced. The person may become suddenly rich and also suddenly poor. However if moon occupies the lagna or a Kendra house or is exalted or gets the aspect of Benific planets , the evil effects of this yoga gets cancelled.

AAdhi yoga:
Benefics in 6th,7th or 8th houses from lagna or moon will give Adhi Yoga. The native will be leader and have a lot of followers. He is supossed to win over enemies.

Neecha banga Raja yoga:
We have seen above the houses where the planets get their debilitation. The can get cancelled if these houses where they get their debilitation is in a Lagna Kendra or a Kendra house from the moon. Or, IF, 2) if the lord of the house and the planet which gets Exaltation in that house are in mutual Kendra or 3) if , the lord of the house where the depletion takes place is in his own or exalted house.
The cancellation of the debilitation ( Called Neecha bangam) produces a raja yoga. The person concerned will be prosperous and can live like a king.

Parivarthana Yoga:
If two planets exchange houses, this yoga results. The person concerned is supposed to be prosperous, healthy and have long life. However, the parivarthana should not involve an evil house.

Dharma Karmathi pathi Yoga:
The lord of 9th house is called Dharmathi pathi. The lord of 10th house is known as Karmathipathi. If there is relation between the two, this yoga is produced. How the planets get related has been explained earlier. This yoga is not expected to yield result if the planets combine in an evil house or if an evil planet is associated with these planets.
This yoga is considered to be one of the best yoga as it involves the lords of house of profession or business or politics and the house of success. This yoga is seen in many successful people in their careers.

Dalasarpa yoga
When all Functional Malefic occupy three kendras with Benefic not occupying any Kendra houses.
One born in this yoga is scheming, wicked, miserable, destitute, and dependent upon others for his subsistence.

Chamara yoga
When exalted lagna lord occupies a Kendra house and aspected by Jupiter, this yoga is formed.
The Chaamara yoga confers on the native kingship or honor through a king, eloquence, wisdom, knowledge
of several subjects and a longevity of 71 years.

Chandra Durudara yoga
When Jupiter and Saturn occupies the 2 and 12th house from Moon, this yoga is formed
Blessed with comforts, humble in nature, sweet spoken, very learned, wealthy, with beautiful looks and a quiet temperament.

Chandra Guru yoga
.Conjunction between Moon and Jupiter provides this yoga
Overpowering, virtuous, famous, intelligent profoundly versed, have a large number of friends, engaged in virtuous pursuits, doing good to others, wealthy, consistent in love, soft spoken, head of family but fickle-minded.

Mangal Guru yoga
When Mars and Jupiter are conjunct this yoga is formed
Native is endowed with distinguished nature, talented, virtuous and courageous.

Simhasana yoga
When all planets occupy the houses 2, 6, 8 and 12 this yoga is formed
The person acquires the Simhasana or the royal throne (equivalent status in life)

There are also a few Doshas attached to planets..
For example Mars is stated to produce Mangala Dosha..

If a person is under the negative influence of the planet Mars, he/she is said to be a mangalik. There are twelve houses in a person’s horoscope chart. If Mars comes in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of the ascendant chart, astrologically the person concerned is said to have mangal dosha.

If a person is under the negative influence of the planet Mars, he/she is said to be a mangalik. There are twelve houses in a person’s horoscope chart. If Mars comes in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of the ascendant chart, astrologically the person concerned is said to have mangal dosha.

Characteristics of Mangal Dosh
1.   People of both the sexes can have mangal dosha
2.   Mars is the planet of fiery aggression symbolysing will-power and confidence, so Mangalik are aggressive and hot-tempered by nature.
3.   Negatively It means intolerance, competition, argument, conflict, dominion and finally disaster.
4.   Fiery Mangaliks have lots of energy within. This dynamicenergy needs to be constructively channelized; or else it becomes destructive.
5.   mangal dosha affects mental life and causes tension and discord in marriage.
6.   It causes delay in marriage
7.   In some cases, Mangaliks are victimised in marriage.
8.   The ill-effects of mangal dosha is nullified if the person is born on Tuesday.
9.   Marriage between two Mangaliks also negates the ill-effects.
10.     It is believed that those who had ill-treated their partners in the previous birth will have this dosha
1.   When Mars is in the first house, conflicts and violence in marriage is predicted.
2.   When Mars is in the second house, it affects the person’s family causing trouble in marriage and profession.
3.   When Mars is in the fourth house, the person fails to succeed on the professional front, switching jobs.
4.   When Mars is in the seventh house, the excess energy within makes the person ill-tempered. Cordial relationship with family members is almost impossible because of the domineering nature.
5.   When Mars is in the eighth house, being alienated from elders, the person loses paternal property.
6.   When Mars is in the tenth house, the person suffers from mental problem and incurs financial losses besides having enemies.
 7. when mars is in 12th house, it may cause loses..

If both the partners are mangaliks, the negativity is naturally defused. ..

Chanting Navgraha Mantra(Mangal Mantra) or Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays can produce favourable results. Chanting Gayatri manta 108 times a day is also effective.
 Performig poojas and visiting Lord Hanuman temples on Tuesdays are effective ways of mitigating the ill-effects of mangal dosha.

visiting Vaitheeswaran koil and offer pryers to Mars is highly beneficial

Lord Muruga is the deity to be  Worshiped especially on Tuesdays..

Retrograde motion:
While the planets move along their designated path, some times they move in the opposite direction viz., instead of clockwise, they move in anti clock wise direction. This is called retrograde motion and in this process they move to their previous house.
A planet in his own house is weak if retrograde and if in a inimical house becomes strong. A planet debilitated but retrograde receives exalted strength. But if exalted but retrograde, becomes debilitated.( Utra kalamitra by Kalidasa)

Combustion of planets:
While the planets move along their path, sometimes they come nearer to Sun.
This is called Combustion or Asthangam. According to Surya Siddandha.Combustion takes place, if,
Moon is +or- 12 degrees
Mercury if retrograde + or – 12 degrees
Mercury if direct + or – 14 degrees
Venus if retrograde + or – 8 degrees
Venus if Direct + or - 10 degrees
Jupiter + or – 11 degrees
Saturn + or - 5 degrees.
When a planet is combust, it loses its powers. Planets which are benefic will not be able to yield good results ; If a melafic is combust, it produces more inimical results.
Some more points about rasis;
We have seen above about Trines and Kendra houses.
The houses next to Kendra houses are called Panapara houses. (2, 5, 8 and 11)
The houses next to them are called Abokilima houses. (3, 6, 9, 12)
The houses 3, 6, 8, 12 are called hidden houses except for Venus
The houses 3, 6, 8, 11 are called Ubasaya houses.

Shadbala Strength:
We have seen or rather touched upon this earlier.
We can now see in detail.
The planets get their powers in six ways.
The first one is the strength due to their placement.
Their powers in descending order are:
Exalted house
Moolathirikona house
Own house
Friendly houses
Trine houses
Kendra houses
Planets staying in enemy houses derive nil powers
In the hidden houses, they get no power
For planets in debilitated houses and which are combust also have no powers.
Benefic Planets occupying Upasaya houses have no strength
Malefic planets get power in these houses.
Next one is Trigg strength viz., strength due to aspect.

We have seen above regarding the planets aspect:
Let us refresh.
All planets aspect the 7th house from where they are positioned
Jupiter aspects 5th and 9th houses in addition
Saturn aspects 3rd and 10th houses in addition
Mars aspects 4th and 8th houses, in addition.
Some books say that Venus aspects 6th and 8th houses.
Benefic planets have the above strength while malefic planets do not derive the above strength
Nichrchica Strength- viz., natural strength:
In descending order, these strength s are:
Ragu and Kethu
Next comes Seshata Strength viz ., the period during which they gather strength.
Sun and Moon gather strength during Uthrayana- Tamil month of Thai to AAni (Middle of January to middle of July)
Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus gather strength when they are in retrograde motion.
Mars, Mercury, Jupiter Venus and Saturn gather strength when they are placed in the houses Midhuna and Kanya owned by Mercury.
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Then we have Dik bala.This is the positional strength i-e their placement in the horoscope.
Mercury and Jupiter are strong if they occupy the Lagna.
Moon and Venus are strong if they are placed in the 4th house.
Saturn gets strength in the 7th house.
Sun and Mars gets their strength in 10th house.
The next one is Kala Bala.
Moon, Mars and Saturn will be strong for those born during night.
Sun, Jupiter and Venus will be strong for strong for those born during day time.
So far Mercury is concerned; he will be strong when he is a benefic for those
born during day time. If he is a malefic, he will be strong for those born during night time.
Benefic planets will be strong during Sukla paksham
Malefic plants will be strong during Krishna Paksham.
The above are to be properly assessed to determine their strength.
There are soft wares which analyses and determines the strength of planets
on the above basis.
The casting of Horoscope:

The casting of Horoscope involves casting of Rasi chart on the basis the Date, Place and Time of birth. Now a days, software is available for compilation of charts.


This is the division of rasis in to nine segments. There are 12 rasis and when they are divided in to nine segments each, there will be 108 segments. These are called padams. We have earlier seen as to how the 27 stars occupy the 12 rasis. The stars thus will occupy a place in .these 108 padam. On this basis, we can find out in which Nakshatrapada, a planet is placed.

Just like Rasi chart Navamsa chart can also be prepared based on software.
Once these are ready, we can go in for predictions keeping in mind the houses and their significations, the planets and their ruler ship, their placements, their basic nature, the associated planets and their effects their strength and other things.

Some more principles are detailed below.

According to Brihat Jataka of Varahamitra if three or more planets occupy their exaltation or their own signs, and are at the same time trine to each other, the person born will be king (or Equivalent). ( serial no 13-Chapter XI )

When the lagna or he Moon occupies a vargothama and is aspected by 4 or more planets, a powerful raja yoga is formed.(Sloka 3 of Brahat jataka)

When a planet owns two houses one of which happens to be its Moolathirikona house,
It the effect of this (moola thirikona) house that will be felt and not the owner ship of the other house. This is more so if the planet happens to be the Lagna lord.

Saturn: Mahara / Kumbha-Moola thrikona is Kumbha

Venus: Rishabha / Thula-Moola thirikona-Libra

Mercury: Mithna / kanya – moolathri kona – Kanya

Mars : Mesha / Virchika-Moola thiri kona- Mesha

Jupiter : Thanus / Meena – Moolathirikona-Danus

If Jupiter and Venus are in conjunction in the lagna or in other Kendra houses or in a trine from lagna , doshas relating thithi , planets, weekdays and all other doshas are in fructuous

If moon is strong in navamsa, he will provide. Yoga. If he also is strong in the rasi with aspect from Jupiter the yoga will multiply.

If the lord of the house where moon is placed, is in conjunction with the lagna lord and also occupies a friendly house and if the lagna gets the aspect of a benefic planet, the native will receive the respect and position in the government.
A bhava gets weakened under five conditions:

1) When sand witched between two malefic-particularly natural ones.

2) When occupied by the lords of 6 / 8/ 12. Their aspect is also baneful.

3) When the lord of the house is debilitated.

4) When the ruler of the house is influenced by the rulers of 6 / 8 / 12.

5) When the ruler of the house occupies a Dur stana.

When the Bhava’s Karaka is adversely placed either from the bhava or its lord and is also not in touch with either the bhava or its lord, the growth of the bhava will be adversely affected.

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To be continued:-
We have seen earlier the character of planets and also their significations. There has to be a little more elaboration of same.
He is pithur Karakan - i-e matters relating to father can be ascertained through his placement as well his ownership of the house, the aspects which he gets etc.,from the chart. In addition to this , sun provides clue for the native’s longevity, strength, nature of illness, condition of his eyes, nature of his seniors and administrators in the working place, opportunities for jobs in government etc.,
He is Mathru karakan. We can understand about one’s mother from moon. His mental strength, nature of sleep, cleanliness are to be understood from Moon.
He is karaka of brothers and sisters. We can know about their position through him. His karakathuvam extends in addition, to the lands which he possesses, his weakness, his debts, surgery which he has to undergo, his wrathful nature, the quarrels in which he involves himself can all be understood from him. He rules over blood and military wares and arms in general.
He rules over arts and education. Friends and their nature and also nature of the nerves can be understood from Mercury. He rules over Proficiency in mathematics and also astrology. Merchandise, accountants, publishers, lecturers and also dancers come under his preview. One’s speech is an important portfolio of Mercury.
He rules over children. We can learn about them only through Jupiter. One’s Knowledge, material belongings body growth, helpful nature, the impurities in the blood are ruled by him. Lawyers, Preachers, teachers, people engaged in lending are all come under his jurisdiction.
He ruler ship is over martial matters. Wife/husband and their relation ship, their comforts, vehicles, artistic aptitudes and talent are also come under his purview. Musicians and dancers and those deal with perfumes and fancy items are controlled by Venus.
He rules over longevity or life span. His earnings, the ups and downs which one has to face in life, the grief which one has to undergo in life, the in curable diseases with which one has to suffer, the loses from thieves are all ruled by Saturn.
He is pita Mahan karakan. Paternal grand parents, and their status, talents in studies, ability to speak, loses, quarrels, poisoning, the fits which one may get, diseases in the liver which one may have to encounter are controlled by Ragu. Army men are likely to have influence of Ragu.
He is matha maha Karakan. Maternal grand father and their status are influenced by ketu. His perversion, his bad deeds, debts, enmity, unexpected death skin disease are all controlled by ketu. Snake charmers come under its purview.

Parts of the body ruled by planets/ houses.
:Mesha- Head and Face
Rishaba- Gullet
Miduna- Lungs
Kataka- Chest and Heart
Simha- Stomach, Spine
Kanya- neck and below on back side
Thula - areas below naval and above sex organs
Virchika - Sex organs
Danus- Thighs
Mahara - Knees
Kumbha- Hips
Meena- Foot
Planets rule:
Sun- General vitality, Constitutional strength, Heart and back.
Strong sun will provide well balanced health and bright side of life.
Weak sun may give problems with eye sight, accidents due to fire etc.,
Moon- Mental disturbance, menstruation
Mars- Rich blood and sanguine temperament when strong. Skin diseases,
Inflammation of inner organs, wounds due to quarrels etc., when weak. ,

Mercury- Bilious temperament Nerves, respiratory system, epilepsy, nervous
Jupiter- Phlegmatic and sanguine when strong.
Complaints commonly arising out of rich living gout, diabetes
When weak
Venus- Strong, healthy, and happy, sensual, and fond of good things in life.
When weak disappointments in love, derangement of genetic organs,
Sex troubles, food poisoning etc.,
Saturn- when strong likely to provide bone diseases arising from poor living,
exposure, hardships, rheumatic
Problems, chronic melancholia which may lead to insanity, varicose veins etc
Unclean habits, rough hair, lean and tall, in active spinal problems
Ragu- Paralysis, extreme physical sensibility, morbid fears, delusions
Ketu- Psychic conditions
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It is better to keep the following points in mind while going in for predictions.
- 1, 4, 7, 10, 5& 9, 11 houses are strong.
- 6, 8, 12 houses are weak.
- 2& 3 are of medium strength.
- Assess strength with reference to exaltation, debilitation, friendly enemy’s houses.
- Give Importance to Navamsa
-Aspects modify good and evil effects. If Jupiter, Venus or Mercury aspect the moon or
Lagna, it is good. If evil planets aspect, the effects are reversed.
-Combination of three planets never fails to give good results. Two planets may not
Give full results. This is more so in the case of single planet.
It is better to have a planet in a Kendra or kona or 11th house aspected by a
benefic like Jupiter or Venus or even Mercury than to have an exalted planet
with an evil combination or aspect , even though it may be placed in a prominent
Results not only depend on the houses but also on the lordship.
-Ragu and ketu when exalted (Ragu and ketu gets their exaltation at Virchuka rasi)
give material benefit. When debilitated, the native may get exposed to scandals and acute physical sufferings.
-Placement of a plant in a particular house links the significations of the house containing moolathrikona sign of the planet and also the signification of the house of its location.
-Find also the planets which are under close influence of the functionally malefic planets.

Moon Sun affliction:

Moon gets maximum affliction when it occupies a Kendra house from Sun-minimum result
The affliction is moderate when it is occupying 2, 5, 8, 11-Moderate result
Affliction will be negligible when it occupies 3, 6, 9 and 12.-Maximum result
This level may get enhanced with aspects from Jupiter or Venus.
Moon and Sun when they are exactly Opposite (7th house from each other)-Poornima
When they are together-Ammavasya.

-If Moon afflicts the Sun-there can be defects-deformities and diseases pertaining to body. If the sun afflicts the moon –Mental retardation-dullness etc., while mutual affliction results in unhealthy brain in healthy body.
When a benefic and malefic join together, the benefic turns bad while the malefic gives good results.

When friendly planets combine in good house or interchange their houses or aspect each other a good dhana yoga or raja yoga can be predicted during their Dasa .
Even if neutrals combine, a good yoga is produced provided their lord ship is free from blemish .
The combine of Moon-Jupiter, Moon-Saturn, Jupiter-Saturn can give name, fame, good health although the life.
A planet produces the effects due to its position in a bhava, rasi, aspect, conjunction,
Means of living ascribed to it during its dasa.
Karma stana (10th house) is developed and prospers through the 11th house ie.through their relationship.
Saturn in 10th house will give spectacular Success; but, sudden fall from position is difficult to avoid. Here I wish to give a brief account of a happening which I predicted.

An officer senior to me was pestering about his career prospects.
I saw his horoscope and found the 10th house was occupied by Saturn and the house was Saturn’s exalted house which had the aspect of Mars, the sworn enemy. He was running Saturn Dasa and fag end of sun‘s sub period. I told him that he will reach the top position in finance cadre shortly. I also cautioned him about the impending fall from grace immediately thereafter. He did not agree with both. Soon after, I had taken VR and left due to personal reasons. However, I have learnt that he had a couple of promotions and reached the spot which he desired to have .Saturn/moon period had provided the name and fame. After sometime, I saw a news item in the papers that the gentleman was taken to a court (handcuffed) for bribery charges! Saturn/Mars combination!
Such is the position of Saturn in the 10th house. If the factors showing success are strong, he will help. See, he was exalted in the 10th house. If factors such as disgrace or fall are not present in the chart, his placement alone at 10th house may not be harmful. But, he had Saturn Mars’s combination of period.

For people born with Libra as lagna, if the Sun, Saturn and mercury are in any way connected to Mars, then Mars becomes capable of producing immense good.

The occupation of 6th house by Mars or Saturn produces diseases like piles, nervous tensions and frequent bickering with friends and neighbors.

The 4th house signifies Vehicles. The 8th house signifies longevity. If they are affected and at the same time they are related, accidents occur while undertaking a journey.If airy, fiery, watery or earthly signs are involved, the accident may be due to air crash, fire, water or ground respectively.
Saturn In the 8th house and the ruler of the 4th house placed in the 6th house may be indicative of death while traveling.

The planets that may cause accidents are Ragu and Ketu, Mars and Saturn.
While determining accidents, conjunction of these planets, their aspect, have to be taken in to consideration. Rulers of 6th, 12th and 8th may also have to be observed for possible accidents.

Exchange of houses between 8th and 9th lords is an Ava yoga.

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Benefices in 6th,7thor 8th houses from Lagna or Moon produces Adhi yoga. However, if Jupiter is in 8th house from Moon Sakata yoga is also caused.

Significations of the 8th house:
This house rules disgrace humiliation and reversals.
Of all houses, 8th house is considered the worst and also its lord. The association of the 8th lord or its aspect with 10th lord or placement of 10th lord in 8th house is supposed to keep the person in a low position and even if he reaches a high position it can be only after a considerable struggle. Association with another malefic can produce a fall from position. It was stated that the 8th house is like a black hole and the 8th lord can be taken as a ghost in a haunted house. I have felt the struggle in my career to get recognition at every step. But as my 10th lord mercury is exalted causing Badra Yoga in the 10th house, I have come out successful even though the struggle was heart breaking. 8th lord can spoil the yoga effects of a planet with which he is associated. Such association may cause ill effects such as disease, death, insults, quarrels enemies, unknown fears, and dismemberment of limbs change of official position ignonimously
However, any planet associated with the 10th lord can give the result of the 10th lord , during its Dasa/Bukthi. The 8th lord is not an exception.

Saturn and Mars being enemies and of incompatible nature and both being malefic,
their association is considered calamitous. Their being together or in opposite houses
(7ih house from each other) can spell danger. In such position if, moon occupies the house anterior to Saturn, then the nexus far from being calamitous, leads to a life of special vigor and achievement.

The ill effects of Saturn and Mars are to be with regard to the houses owned by them.
If two or more malefic are together in a malefic sign (Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius are considered malefic houses) it should be a cause of concern.
Of the above four malefic signs Capricorn is considered as the house causing failures, defeats, reverses and public shame.

As indicated earlier, when Moon and Mars combine, Chandra Mangala yoga is caused
In the following ways:
-When combines in the same sign.
-When they own good houses and combine in auspicious houses and are free from affiliations.
-When they aspect each other and are also favorable otherwise.
-When they are in mutual Kendra houses. (7th house is supposed to be weakest)
This yoga results in Success in life. Charming, dynamic and magnetic power. Can be expected to have good financial status. It is also a wealth giving yoga. Mars being masculine and moon being feminine, their combine produces energy.
good financial status.This is a wealth giving yoga.Mars being masculine and Moon being feminine, their combine produces 'Energy"

to be continued:

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To write or not to write- what I should write? My vocabulary is limited. Will I be able to write lucidly to convey what I would like to convey? These are the thoughts coming to my mind. So, mind is the one that evokes the thoughts. Who controls the mind? The planet moon. Logically, thoughts come under the preview of Moon.

We have seen above that intellect and knowledge are the portfolio of Jupiter.
What is knowledge?
Knowing things is knowledge. We come to know things by learning-learning by experience, by listening to what others say, learning by seeing and reading.
Knowledge is manifold.
Knowledge of Vedas, Science, Mathematics, Astrology, music, medicine, law etc.,
Where knowledge is stored? We know well that it is stored in the mind which is ruled by moon. So Guru Chandra yoga where Jupiter and moon are related in some way gives a person intelligence.

Different field of knowledge are ruled by different planets.
For example-Science, mathematics and astrology are ruled by Mercury.
Venus is the one which is concerned with creativity.
Composers are supposed to have a good Venus. There has to be a good combine of moon, Jupiter and Venus.

To get recognition or success, connection with 9th house is necessary.
Almighty’s grace is provided by the 5th house. So where these are available without blemish, a good composer is made.

We will dwell upon Talents to succeed and also achievements in life and its extent in the next posting.

To be continued:

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Talents to Succeed:

1) The 10th house
2) The Lord of the 10th house
3) It’s karakas viz the Sun and Saturn.

The above four represent career, course of life, and the way of making livelihood. Wherever the above four are strong, the inherent talents tend to succeed. If they are weak, talents may not come to the fore.

The karakas Sun and Saturn-though they are not friendly planets, yet they govern authority, professional identity and recognition
(Represented by Sun) and Labour, discipline, concentration (represented by Saturn).
The Lagna, its lord and its karaka sun represent the basic urges of the native and the strength which he may need to develop them.

When these are strong without blemish, one will be able to sustain crisis
with basic urges developed.

One may have to face hardship and his desire to occupy a significant place may not succeed whenever the above three are weak.

One has to have a strong lagna and 10th house along with their lords and karakas for their talents to succeed.

Achievements in life and its extent:

These are represented by:

The 4th Bhava, its lord and its karaka-Moon
The 9th Bhava, its lord and its karaka-Jupiter
The 11th Bhava, its lord and its karaka-Jupiter

The 4th Bhava represent the people. To win love of others, this bhava has to be strong along with its lord and karaka. With a weak bhava one may face bickering and lose peace of mind consequently.

The 9th Bhava govern fortune and divine grace for obtaining general success on all matters. If the Bhava or its lord or karaka is weak,
Success will not obtained and has to be unlucky and may need extra effort to get over obstructions.

The 11th bhava covers the earnings in respect of professional activities
and realization of ambitions .For achievement or realization of the above, one has to have a strong 11th house as well as its lord and karaka.

To be continued

Can we determine Profession?

I have not come across where astrology specifies a profession
for an individual. However, from astrology we can see which profession
Can be satisfying to an individual and by which occupation one can be monetarily most benefited as also in which field the individual’s talent or skill can be brought out to his maximum advantage. Astrology can provide assistance in shaping one’s career. This is what learned people have stressed again and again.

In the earlier days the occupations were limited. With multiplicity of occupations and specializations in all the fields which we witness to day, we have to seek a common factor even though the occupations are different.

The 10th house, we have seen above is linked to one’s career or profession.
The planet in the 10th house, the owner of the 10th house, the karaka of the 10th house namely the Sun and Saturn, and most importantly, the owner of the house in the navamsa which houses the lord of the 10th house all play an important role in the career of an individual.

For the growth of the 10th house or for that matter any house, its lord plays a pivotal role. Suitable help is rendered by its karaka.
They should not occupy 3rd and 11th houses between them nor should they be associated with the evil houses or their lords. Positions such as 5/9 or 4/10 between them are necessary and they have to occupy good houses to derive maximum benefit. The aspect or association of natural benefices will increase their potential.

To be continued:

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We can now see the role played by the lord of the 10th house for each Lagna.


The 10th lord is Saturn. Saturn is a slow moving planet. He is also pre-cursor of troubles and grief.
If he occupies the 10th house which is Mahara, it happens to be his own house. This position which is a favorable one may tend to lead the person towards high positions in life as statesman in spite of the gloomy nature of the planet.
BrahatJataka, great classic of Vedic astrology composed by The Great Varahamihira
Says all professions involving struggle, worry, dealing with labor, machineries and occupations of similar nature are governed by Saturn.

As the owner of the 10th house. for this lagna, Saturn has much to do with career building.
By virtue of its placement, association and also its aspects which suggests it’s benefic or malefic nature, a person may be having higher or lower etalons in his career.
Generally if the lord of the 10th house occupies the 11th house, earnings through profession or career is ensured.

As the karaka of the 10th house, the sun also plays an important role provided he is connected with the 10th house or Saturn. It will provide a favorable influence in such a situation. Diplomats, bank officers or institutions where there is a large number of labor force are likely to have a good saturn / sun combination

If the person has powerful mercury associated with Saturn, he can shine in business as mercury can provide shrewdness, mostly connected with black metals, coal mines or automobiles and when weak, he can occupy a clerical post in such institutions.
Even though, the significations of mercury includes proficiency in mathematics,
Astrology etc.,the combination of Saturn and mercury require association of a benefic planet like Jupiter or Venus to provide strength to shine in such fields as a financial expert or a professional astrologer.

If he is associated with moon, he can be a writer contributing materials on technical matters to news magazines and also be famous in the field provided they are not afflicted.

So far as the connection between Saturn and Venus are concerned with reference to the 10th house, the person can be successful in business as Venus is an amicable planet carrying sociable character where customer service is involved provided the planets are not adversely placed. If they are not placed well, the person can hold only a lower post in such institutions.

When mars is connected with the 10th house or with Saturn, their combination may leave some times a scar on the career. Mining is best suited for them as mars is a bhoomi karakan whereas Saturn rules machinery provided they occupy their own houses and not adversely associated.

Jupiter is considered a divine planet and signifies authority and leader ship qualities.
A person with such combination can become a leader of masses when they hold good relationship and are not placed in adverse positions. Political leaders or statesman and great writers on philosophy, psychology are likely to have such combination.

What has been brought out above should not be taken in isolation. Total view has to be taken on the horoscope. The position with regard to moon lagna as well as navamsa
needs to be given similar importance.The aspect or conjuction of other plenets on the 10th house or its lord as well as karaka is important.
When we say adversely affected ,it is to be with reference to adverse placement of houses between themselves or with reference to to the 10th house. They should not be associated with evil houses of 6,8,or12 or their lords.

We will take up Rishaba lagna in the next posting.

To be continued:

For Rishaba Lagna, the 10th house is Kumbha rasi which again is ruled by Saturn and as such the position brought out for mesha lagna is mostly applicable here also.
For this lagna, the Sun owns the 4th house and Mercury owns the 5th house. If Sun is associated with the 5th house or its ruler Mercury, then not only Buddha Aditya yoga is formed but also a powerful Rajayoga by virtue of their combination is obtained. If this combination has anything to do with the 10th house or its lord , a powerful raja yoga is formed again by virtue of the relation ship between the lords of 4th,5th and 10th houses. Please remember that sun is also a karaka of the 10th house. Whichever career the individual takes up he is sure to shine and reach the top position. This is again subject to non association with evil houses or their lords with this combination.. As Jupiter rules the 8th house, he is not helpful to this lagna. As lord of the 7th house Mars will be helpful if he occupies his 7th house from where he can aspect (4th aspect), the 10th house which will provide the courage and authority needed in any senior positions.
So far as Venus is concerned , as the ruler of the lagna, he can be useful if he is associated with the 10th house with reference to his sociable character.

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To be continued:

Midhuna (Gemini) Lagna:

The 10th house for this house is Meena or Pieces for which the ruler is Jupiter.
When Jupiter is the ruler of 1st,4th,7th or 10th houses which are all Kendra houses he turns to be a powerful malefic. We have seen earlier the malefic nature of Kendrapathia dosha when a benefic planet rules a Kendra house. This will act in a undesirable manner if ,Jupiter occupies any of the above Kendra houses especially the 10th house. This situation obtains for the Gemini Lagna. In other words, Jupiter should occupy any house other than these houses. The best place can be the 5th house from where he can aspect the 9th house, the 11th and also the lagna. The next good place can be the 9th house. As a ruler of 10th house if Jupiter occupies any of the two houses, he will produce a raja yoga. Or if he occupy the 6th,8th or 12th houses, the dosha can get mitigated. If he occupies the second house whose significations include good words, wealth, truthful nature, ornaments, happiness and fame among other things, Jupiter can develop the above significations. The 10th house will get his aspect also if he is placed in the 2nd house. ( 9th aspect)..As per works of great authors, Jupiter in the second house for Gemini lagna can produce yoga as the 2nd house cancer is his exalted house.
If he is associated with moon who rules the 2nd house or Venus who is the ruler of the 5th house, he can produce raja yoga. If he takes up educational line, he can shine therein . With association of mercury, he can take up the professions relating to publishing or writing as a career where he is likely to shine well.
As lord of 6th and 12th houses , mars is not likely to provide much help.
Sun, if occupies a Kendra house can provide help from government sources for their enterprises as he is a karaka for the 10th house. As the ruler of the 9th house, Saturn
can bring in success, if he is associated with the above combination.
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Kataka (cancer) Lagna:

The ruler of 10th for this lagna is Mars who rules both a trine 5th house (Scorpio) Virchigam and Kendra house-10th house (Aries) Mesha. As such, Mars is a yoga karaka for this Lagna. For this lagna Mars in the 10th house produces Ruchika yoga which is one of the Panchamaha Yoga. The person will have name, fame and reputation. They are fortunate, with good IQ and also perceptible memory power. Some of the people born with this lagna include Nehru, Indira Gandhi, the famed Mysore Maharaja.
Another good place for Mars is Capricorn (Mahara) which is his exalted house.
This also produces Ruchika Yoga with almost same results. The ruler of this house is the karaka of of the 10th house and a sworn enemy of Mars. Saturn also rules the 8th house.
As such one may not expect good results. More than that , Mars in the 7th house is not considered goo for marital happiness. Lord Rama or Nehru or Mrs. Gandhi were not considered happy with their married life.
Bright prospects can be obtained if Jupiter the ruler of the 9th house is exalted in the lagna and mars is positioned in Aries as these two planets occupy Kendra houses between them. Or both the planets form a trine between them.
Mercury being the ruler of the 12th house does not appear to to provide mush help in professional matters.
So far as the karaka of 10th house is concerned, the best position is considered to be the 4th house-Tula rasi(Libra) from where he can aspect the 10th house though a Kendra house l
is not a good place for a natural malefic like the Sun.

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Simha Lagna: Leo.

For this Lagna, venus is the lord of 10th house. The ruler of lagna is Sun. Mars rules both 4th and 9th houses and hence a yoga providing planet. Jupiter rules the 5th house and
will provide benefic results. If there is a combination between the planets Sun, mars and Jupiter and the combination has any thing to do with the 10th house or its Lord, the native will reach exalted heights in the career. Of course the combination has to be free from the evil houses of 6, 8 and 10.
Or, if Jupiter is placed in his own house Sagittarius, he will be aspecting both the 9th house as well as lagna and as such can be the best postion for him.

The commonality between Astrology and Music: (Courtesy-
Some of the features are detailed below…
Both Astrology and music are devotional
Music has sounds and rhythms based on mathematical calculations and are as old as the Vedas as is the case with Astrology which is a contemporary science. ( The distance between any two notes is called an interval which has a mathematical base.)
Music is essentially made up of twelve tones. These 12 tones are called the chromatic scale.
In astrology there are twelve zodiac signs as is the case with twelve swaras.
It is stated that the swaras are identified with Zodic signs :
Kanya Rasi (Virgo) - Suddha Rishabha
Tula (Libra) - Chatusruti Rishabha
Vrischika (Scorpio) - Sadharana Gandhara
Dhanus (Sagittarius) - Antara Gandhara
Mithuna (Gemini) - Kakali Nishada

Vrishaba (Taurus) - Kaisika Nishada
Mesha (Aries) - Chatusruti Daivata
Meena (Pisces) - Suddha Daivata
Makara (Capricorn) - Suddha
Kumbha (Aquarius) - Suddha
The two swaras Shadja and Panchama are important in music and these are identified with the Sun and Moon representing the signs Leo and cancer.
As sun and moon are identified with Shadja and Panchama,
there is identification between other planets and swaras also.
Both astrology and music have curing effects in medical parlance.
A weak plant causing physical or mental hardship can be rid off by strengthening the planet with relevant Chanting of mantras or slogas.
Similarly there are ragas which are stated to give relief for the ailments.
Just as Sapta talas of Carnatic music , we have sevan planets ( Ragu and kethu are considered as Chaya Grahas) in Astrology.


The speech ( voice) is governed by the second house ( from Lagna) in a horoscope.Mercury is considered the planet (Karaka)
which has control over speech ( Voice). So, if the second house, the lord ( ruler) of the second house, and the karaka-Mercury are strong, we can say that the native viz., the owner of the horoscope is sure to have a sweet voice which it self can be called half Music! If these are weak and afflicted, he will be having a coarse voice and missing the musical touch.

Venus is also considered as the planet of artistic pursuits including music. Moon is stated to stand for mind and human emotions. The interest in artistic pursuits is provided by Venus
on Mercury and Moon.

If these planets-Mercury Moon and Venus join together it would be better. For a successful vocalist the blessings of Venus are a pre-requisite.
Mars is a planet which provides courage and fearlessness on stage. Mars is also the karaka of the third house which among other things provides clue to the musical knowledge of the individual. As such he is also one of the planet along with the above three planets to be watched for vocalist.

The tenth house represents the career and its ruler and the karaka of the tenth house Viz., Sun and Saturn will determine whether the artist would pursue his talents in music as a profession.

For success in any field Sun plays an important role as also the fifth and ninth houses for invoking divine blessings.


If we take up the horoscope of DR. Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, He was born with Pisces Ascendent (Lagna) on 25-07-1908 with balance of Ragu dasa-13 years and 10 days.( This Horoscope is from an astrological Journal)

The fourth house Viz., the house of comforts is occupied by Mercury, Venus and also Moon. This combination is unique as brought out in prepara. Moon as the ruler of the fifth house occupies the fourth house-producing a Raja yoga. His combine with Mercury ( Rulers of fourth and fifth houses) produces another Raja yoga. We can see the planets not only combine but also combine with Rajayogas in the house of comforts.

Mars occupies the fifth house along with Jupiter produces a Raja yoga in the fifth house. (as rulers of the ninth house and Lagna respectively) Their combination in Fifth house produces another Raja yoga.

The Rajayoga planet-Jupiter is also the ruler of the tenth house and his combine with Mars and Sun provided the profession in Music. Mars is depilated in the fifth house. This depilation in cancelled due to his combining with exalted Jupiter producing another Raja Yoga. ( Neecha banga Rajayogam).

There is no dearth of Raja yoga in his Horoscope.

According to Saravali-the Gita for Astrologers, when Sun joins Mars and Jupiter, the native will be good in speech, healthy and becomes a King. Who will deny that Semangudi Srinivasa Iyer
was the King among Musical stalwarts?



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