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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thevaram songs

Thevara Padalgal:


Thevaram-002-sotrunai vedian







Thevaram-011-masilveenaiyum Appar

Thevaram-012-kadalaki kasindhu-sambhadhar

Thevaram-013-idarinum thalarinum-sambhandar

Thevaram-016- Sudha Raghunathan Ponnar Meniyane Panthuvarali Rupaka Sundaramurthy Nayanar

Thevaram-017-Anghamum Vedamum

Thevaram-018-Aruvenaikku ivvenai

Thevaram-019-Silanthium Aanaikavil

Thevaram-020-Kattur kadale

Thevaram-022-Mandiramavathu neeru -

Thevaram-023-Mathar perai kanniyanai

Thevaram-024-Muthi neri Ariyatha

Thevaram-025-Neela ninaithu Adiyen

Thevaram-026-Paninthavar Aruvenai

Thevaram-027-pitha peraisudi perumane

Thevaram-028-Ponnar Thiruvadiikku

Thevaram-029-Poosuvadhum Venneru

Thevaram-030-Pootri Om Namachivaya Olli valar vilakke

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