Humble Offerings,

SAI I have nothing that belongs to me. What I have is your blessing alone. The things I hold as mine are words, actions and deeds.
SAI please accept my humble offerings..... Offerings at your feet BABA




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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Gopalakrishna Bharathi was born in 1810 at Mudikondan village in the Thanjavoor district in Tamil Nadu. His father Sivarama Bharathi was a veena exponent. From early childhood he studied music, Sanskrit and Tamil. He also got trained in Hidustani music under Ramdas. He has written musicals and keerthanans. His musical Nanthanar Charitram is
the most well known. He was devotee of Lord Siva . He has composed many songs praising the Lord in Tamil. He has incorporated tunes of folk tunes into his compositions. He was a social reformer too. He did not believe in caste or class differences. He distributed a huge portion of his earnings to charity institutions. In 1896 on the day of Mahasivrathri he died.

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