Humble Offerings,

SAI I have nothing that belongs to me. What I have is your blessing alone. The things I hold as mine are words, actions and deeds.
SAI please accept my humble offerings..... Offerings at your feet BABA




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Monday, June 13, 2011


sant Kabir Das.
Kabir played the role of a teacher and social reformer by the medium of his writings, which mainly consisted of the two line verses called Dohas. He had a strong belief in Vedanta, Sufism, Vaishnavism and Nath sampradaya. He applied the knowledge that he gained through the various experiences of his life. He was always in the pursuit of truth and nothing could hold him back. Kabir was well known for his religious affiliation. Read further to know about the life history of Sant Kabir.

There are plenty of legends associated with the birth and death of Kabir (1440 -1518). Some people are of the say that, he was born in a Muslim weaver family, while others say that he was born to a Brahmin widow. It is said that, when he headed his way for heaven, tussle took place between the Hindus and Muslims over the issue of performance of the last rites. Eventually, in the memory of the great Kabir, his tomb as well as a Samadhi Mandir, both were constructed, which are still standing erect next to each other. According to another legend, in a short span of time before his death, Kabir took a holy bath in the two rivers, namely Ganga and Karmnasha, so as to wash away his sins as well as the good deeds.

Kabir Philosophy
Kabir's poetry is a reflection of his philosophy about life. His writings were mainly based on the concept of reincarnation and karma. Kabir's philosophy about life was very clear-cut. He believed in living life in a very simplistic manner. He had a strong faith in the concept of oneness of God. He advocated the notion of Koi bole Ram Ram Koi Khudai.... The basic idea was to spread the message that whether you chant the name of Hindu God or Muslim God, the fact is that there is only one God who is the creator of this beautiful world.

Kabir 001-OS Arun-NA MEIN DHARMI

Kabir 002-OS Arun-BEET GAYE DIN

Kabir 003-OS Arun-MANN LAGO

Kabir 004-OS Arun-NAHERVA


Kabir 006-OS Arun-SADHO

Kabir 007-OS Arun-GURU RANG LAGA

Kabir 008-OS Arun-DOHE

Kabir 009-OS Arun-JAI JAI AARATI

Kabir 010-sant kabir das amritvani part 1

Kabir 011-sant kabir das amritvani part 2

Kabir 012-sant kabir das amritvani part 3

Kabir 013-sant kabir das amritvani part 4

Kabir 014-sant kabir das amritvani part 5

Kabir 015-sant kabir das amritvani part 6

Kabir 016-sant kabir das amritvani part 7

Kabir 017-sant kabir das amritvani part 8

Kabir 018-sant kabir das amritvani part 9

Kabir 019-sant kabir das amritvani part 10

Kabir 020-Kabir Bhajan - BHAJANS

Kabir 021-Mat kar Moh tu - Sant Kabir - Pt. D.V.Paluskar

Kabir 022-moko kahan dhunde bande

Kabir 023-Pandit Bhimsen Joshi-Kaya Nahi teri

Kabir 024-Shabnam Virmani Yugan Yugan Hum Yogi

Kabirdas Couplets
1-When a drop merges into the ocean, everyone understands it
But when the ocean merges into the drop, seldom does one understand it

2-Kabir says- searching over and over, O my friend! I lost myself in Him (God)
As the drop mixes with the ocean, where can one search for it

3-Oh God! By reciting your name all the time I merged in you and my ego disappeared
My troubles of transmigration disappeared. Now, wherever I look I see you.

4-The Street of love is very narrow, two can’t pass through it at the same time
When I was, there was no God (hari), now there is God but I am not

5-Love is not grown in the field, and it isn’t sold in the market
But a king or a pauper, who likes it, offers his head to obtain it

6-Those who searched by diving into the deep water found
I foolishly feared drowning and remained seated on the shore

7-The redness (illumination) of my beloved is everywhere
When I went to see the redness I also became illuminated

8-God is like fire dwelling in each and every heart
But because the flint stone does not spark in the heart, it does not give light

9-Power of Almighty dwells in every heart but is invisible
Just as the red color resides in the green Mahanadi leaves and is invisible

10-Though the bliss of God’s love is in the human heart, because of ignorance, people do not know it, and they search for happiness in worldly things. Instead of bliss
they get disappointment. One should realize that God is dwelling in every heart. And service to humanity is service to God

11-Don’t feel proud, don’t mock at anybody.
Your life is like a boat in the sea, who can say what may happen at any time

Saint Kabir Quotes

If there be lust, how can love be there?
Where there is love, there is no lust.

It is the mercy of my true Guru
that has made me to know the unknown.

Your Lord is near:
yet you are climbing the palm-tree to seek Him.

Where is the night, when the sun is shining?
If it is night, then the sun withdraws its light.
Where knowledge is, can ignorance endure?

Serve your God, who has come into this temple of life!
Do not act the part of a madman, for the night is thickening fast.

The man who is kind and who practises righteousness, who remains passive amidst the affairs of the world, who considers all creatures on earth as his own self, He attains the Immortal Being, the true God is ever with him.

You are alone, you have no companion:
you will suffer the consequences of your own deeds.

You are weaving your bondage of falsehood,
your words are full of deception:
With the load of desires which you hold on your head,
how can you be light?

The flute of the Infinite is played without ceasing,
and its sound is love:
When love renounces all limits, it reaches truth.
How widely the fragrance spreads! It has no end, nothing stands in its way.

O my heart! the Supreme Spirit, the great Master,
is near you: wake, oh wake!
Run to the feet of your Beloved:
for your Lord stands near to your head.
You have slept for unnumbered ages;
this morning will you not wake?

Subtle is the path of love!
Therein there is no asking and no not-asking,
There one loses one’s self at His feet,
There one is immersed in the joy of the seeking:
plunged in the deeps of love as the fish in the water.
The lover is never slow in offering his head for his Lord’s service.

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